Technical skills joined to experience are the strength of the CPT machining department.

The presence of Italian managers with high experience joined to 8 years of continuous training of local people, allow CPT to have high precision level and efficiency in mechanical field.

At the moment in CPT are working the fillowing machines: 3 CNC milling machines with table from 1,5 m to 6 m, 1 CNC machining center with table of 2,4 m, 1 conventional boring machine, 2 CNC lathes for machining till diameter of 700 mm, 2 conventional lathes, 3 conventional milling machines and various machining machines.

Working time is on 2 shifts with constant presence of quality department that follows and carries out intermediate check.

Siège Social : Parc des Activités Economiques de Bizerte BP 20, Bizerte 7000
Tel-it  +39 345 9509669 -Tel-tn : +216 72 417 223 -Fax +216 72 417 316 





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