The CPT assembly department, working in collaboration with the homolog department of the headquarter company, is able to mount all typical production lines machines of Continuus Properzi S.p.A. and since few years it performs the same function with excellent results also for external customers.

The Tunisians assemblers, having passports, are frequently in Italy to collaborate with Italian colleagues to learn about the  assembly of  the new Continuus Properzi S.p.A. machines; they are also able, if necessary, to perform interventions with overseas companies because they speak Italian and French language.


Siège Social : Parc des Activités Economiques de Bizerte BP 20, Bizerte 7000
Tel-it  +39 345 9509669 -Tel-tn : +216 72 417 223 -Fax +216 72 417 316 





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