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CPT is a Tunisian Company managed by Italian engineers, which produces and sells fully assembled machines and components of machines.
Its main clients are located in Italy, France, Germany and Belgium. They are Specialized in mechanical / metallurgy / cement working field.

CPT is able to produce :

    - Single items upon request
    - Serial items using welding robots and CNC machines

Since 2008, CPT is the supplier of all welded parts belonging to the machines manufactured by its mother company Continuus Properzi S.p.A and from 2013, it started supplying also other clients.
At the moment over 100 people are working in CPT and the turnover between headquarter and external clients is splitted into around 50% each.

Siège Social : Parc des Activités Economiques de Bizerte BP 20, Bizerte 7000
Tel-it  +39 345 9509669 -Tel-tn : +216 72 417 223 -Fax +216 72 417 316 





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